Who is Andrés Castillo?

Andres Castillo "Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS (MIM) Guitar" & "Fender Bassbreaker 30R Combo Amp"

Who Is Andrés Castilo?

Andrés Castillo is the mind behind tracks such as Achís, Peep, Rag Doll. providing a unique, analog tone with his Fender Standard Stratocaster HSS (MIM) and his Fender Bassbreaker 30R Combo Amp. We first started hearing Andrés in 2018 on It's Dynamite Ill30 album. Ever since then, his sound has provided us with nostalgic flavor, he also collaborates with itsdynamite.net as a blog editor. You can follow him on Instagram @firelordandres, and catch him on upcoming It’s Dynamite projects.

What's your process like when making music? 

"Sometimes I record my own music with my guitar and amp or an amp plugin into my DAW. I record little riffs or ideas and make the song around it. But a lot of times when I record samples for It’s Dynamite, I push myself to learn a new style or record something I wouldn’t normally play—cumbia or merengue, for example."

What is your background?

“I’m proud to have Colombian and Pennsylvanian ancestry, but I consider myself a product of many cultures. I picked up guitar at age 12 when my parents got me my first acoustic guitar for Christmas, and ever since then, the guitar has been a tool of expressing what 20 years of life has built me up to be. I also play drums and bass, and I gather influences from every direction and every music style, whether it be classic rock, trap, or reggaeton. All music is good, and music is an excellent medium for expression."

How much do you need to spend on equipment to do what you do?

"I picked up my first electric guitar for eighty dollars, and I’ve come a long way. I’m happier with what I have now, of course, but my setup is far from top-of-the-line. I use a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface, a cheap Behringer condenser mic, and basic speaker monitors and headphones. I record into FL Studio or Cakewalk, which is a free program.

 If it’s a good idea, you don’t need the best equipment.”